Captain David Philips Photo

Captain David Philips was born in southern Wales on March 26, 1742, the son of Joseph and Mary Philips. Captain Philips arrived in America in 1755, landing in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It was in Chester County, where he and his three brothers were instrumental in forming the Seventh Battalion of the Chester County Militia in which David served as Captain of Company Two. One of the brothers was captured and held on a British Frigate.

A soldier, who became a minister, Captain David Philips, demonstrated courage, following the law even when it brought persecutions and demands to "shoot him".

After the Revolutionary War, Captain Philips became pastor of the Peters Creek Baptist Church, located in Washington County, Pennsylvania. He was elected delegate to a convention in Pittsburgh to protest the resented whiskey tax. His friends feared for his life when the cries of "Shoot Him, Shoot Him" were declared. Captain Philips survived the mobs' outcry and lived until March 2, 1829. He was buried in the churchyard of Peters Creek Church. A museum and carillon have been erected in memory of Captain Philips.