About Us

About Us

The name of our chapter was chosen because the Bosque River valley runs through Bosque County, a beautiful area displaying an array of stately trees, hills, valleys, rivers, creeks, lakes, and pastureland. For Bosque County residents, the Bosque River means many things. Foremost, it bears the name of our county, organized in 1854. Origins of the river's name date to 1721 when a Spanish expedition came as near as today's Waco and named the tributary flowing into the Brazos River "Bosque," which translates in Spanish to "woodsy."

Beginning in the mid-1800s with the pioneer settlements in what is today's Bosque County, each principal town was colonized along the Bosque River, which was literally the lifeline of the early settlers. In the pioneer days, the river did not represent beauty, but survival. Survival came from the water on the Bosque River, and the wildlife and timber which surrounded its banks.

Organizing Meeting
February 2, 2013

Some ladies of the newly organized Bosque River Valley Chapter take the membership oath at the chapter's first gathering.

Organizing Officers

Regent Sue M. Fielden
Vice Regent Phyllis Olson
Chaplain Therissa Young
Recording Secretary Ruth Crawford
Corresponding Secretary MaryLynn Haynes
Treasurer Ann Lenz
Registrar Naomi Nabors
Historian Marilyn Holland
Librarian Betty Johannes

Organizing Members

Barbara Kinneson Arnold
Martha Stokes Boutwell
Deborah Green Burdwood
Elizabeth Brinegar Caraway
Ruth Ann Nelson Crawford
Sue Moore Fielden
Clova Downing Gibson
Kathleen Fisk Hale
MaryLynn Murphey Haynes
Gayle Austin Hensley
Marian Yvonne Hensley
Kerry Flood Hicks
Wanda McLemore Hines
Marilyn Maxwell Holland
Charlene White Holmes
Betty Urban Johannes
Cleo Laing Jones
Ann Groom Lenz

Mary K. Strickland McCrory
Tara Briana McCrory
Jo Nell Dansby Meyer
Ronita DeCordova Miller
Deborah Garretson Moody
Jennifer Alice Moody
Melissa Lynn Moody
Marion Knight Mount
Naomi Young Nabors
Phyllis Alford Olson
Allison Arnold Pinkerton
Eva Prince Schulz
Jennifer Moody Seagle
Virginia Vaughn Shaw
Mary Lou Parkinson Starnater
Mary Lou Mackey Strickland
Mary Lou Groom Wickman
Therissa Crabtree Young

Some of our members enjoyed a fun and educational field trip to the Texas Heritage Museum on the campus of Hill College in Hillsboro.

We like to have fun! Here our members are cheering our chapter and individual awards received at State Conference!

At the memorial service for charter member Lola Eggen, her three daughters, also charter members, are pictured with the chapter regent and chaplain.