U.S. Congressman Roger Williams was on hand to congratulate Specialist Justin Necessary and present him with a U.S. flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in his honor.

Bosque River Valley Chapter was delighted to honor our hometown hero, SPC Justin Necessary, U.S. Army, with the DAR Distinguished Citizen Medal, presented by Kathy Hanlon, national chairman, National Defense Committee, NSDAR. Sue Fielden, chapter regent, seen on the right.

SPC Justin Necessary, U.S. Army, recipient of the DAR Distinguished Citizen Medal, is pictured with members of Bosque River Valley Chapter, NSDAR.

Army Specialist Justin Necessary performed heroically during a dangerous rescue operation in the mountains of Afghanistan following a helicopter crash last December, at great peril to his own safety. On December 17, 2013, an American Black Hawk helicopter was brought down by enemy forces in Afghanistan, killing six service members and severely injuring one other. That night, U.S. soldiers assigned to Company C, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment of 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, known as the "Ramrod" Battalion, lead the effort to secure the crash site in the extreme winter conditions. Command Sergeant Major Morales said, "The guys knew their mission. They didn't fail or falter at 9,000 feet or in 9° weather with minimal cold weather gear. They did it honorably."
Specialist Necessary received an Army Commendation Award for the mission. Bosque River Valley chapter regent said, "It is truly an honor to present Specialist Necessary with the DAR Distinguished Citizen Medal for fulfilling the qualities of honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism, and for contributing to the defense, security, and freedom of the United States of America in an exceptional manner.


Chapter member Debbie Burdwood is pictured with the “Uncle Sam” hat she created to add to chapter float. First the hat was enjoyed as a centerpiece on the serving table for a chapter meeting.

Al West, recipient of the DAR Distinguished Citizen is pictured with his wife, Martha.  On the left is chapter regent, Sue Fielden, and shown on the right is NASDAR National Defense Chair Kathy Hanlon.

Our chapter parade float is pictured on the right. This project takes many hours of work by some of our more artistic members!

Another photo of the chapter parade float is pictured on the right. It is a work in progress, and the appearance will be improved by the next parade.

Tributes to Veterans

Shown in this photograph is the presentation of flags by representatives of each military branch.

Regent Sue Fielden is standing with guest speakers Bob Flood and Mike Burns.

A very special chapter program was Rose Ann and Jean, two widows of the Vietnam War, telling us about their husbands who were killed in action in the Vietnam War.  It was a profound reminder of the tragic cost of war. Our chapter honored these two ladies as courageous women living American history.

Smiles mingled with tears among the 250 present including 60 veterans of the Vietnam War at our special “Welcome Home” event honoring Vietnam War veterans.

Play Cast 9-19-2014

Our chapter play is set mostly during 1787 with references to the battles of the Revolutionary War. It highlights the U.S. Constitution with a depiction of discussions, concerns, questions, and hopes of certain women. Persons depicted in the play are: Dolly Madison of Virginia, Rebecca Prescott Sherman of Connecticut, Deborah Sampson of Massachusetts, a “secret soldier” who served as soldier she named Robert Shurtleff, Margaret Vawter Stapp of Virginia, Martha Custis Washington of Virginia, and Jennie Roberts Quinn of North Carolina.

Bosque River Valley Chapter hosted an event honoring and thanking our county first responders. We were delighted that State Senator Brian Birdwell joined us in this tribute.