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Our Chapter


James Billingsley Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Richardson, (Dallas County) Texas


Chapter Officers

Marilyn Schwartz
First Vice Regent
Mary Andrlik
Sandi Craig
Phyllis Schulman
Caren Houston
Brittany Pendleton
Parliamentarian (appointed)
Mary Wagner


Chapter Chairman
Committees With National Recognition

American Heritage Karen Baxter
Karen Candy
Francie Mikulas
American History Sue Sadler
Jo Smilie
American Indians Sue Sadler
Americanism Sandi Craig
Conservation Susan Whitley
Constitution Week Mary Wagner
Kathy Tedder
DAR Good Citizens Airetta Valenti
Susan Walker
Insignia Toby Hurley
DAR Magazine Caren Houston
DAR Museum Betty Holcombe
DAR School Peggy Umphress
DAR Service for Veterans Karen Baxter
Karen Candy
The Flag of the United States Margaret Jensen
Loretta Leathers
Genealogical Records Joan Johnson
Ginny Carter
Junior Membership Brittany Pendleton
Pam Pendleton
Lineage Research Jan Carr
Nancy Foster (Mentor)
Membership Nancy Foster
National Defense Kathleene Cline
Program Mary Andrilik
Bettye Robbins
Marilyn Schwartz
Susan Walker
Jan Carr
Project Patriot Dianne Miller
Francie Mikulas
Public Relations and Media Carole Campbell
Bettye Robbins
Services to America  Sandi Craig
Volunteer Information Specialist (VIS) Mary Wagner
Jan Carr
Women's Issues Pam Pendleton 

Chapter Chairmen
Committees With Chapter Recognition

Hospitality Sue Sadler
Newsletter Sandi Craig
Scrapbook Mary Wagner
Yearbook Jan Carr
Nancy Foster
Sandi Craig - Cover


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Last updated August 22, 2016

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