George W. Kendall Chapter

Boerne, Kendall County, Texas
Organized:  February 2000

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Patriot Ancestors and Their Spouses

To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American Independence; to promote the development of an enlightened public opinion; and to foster patriotic citizenship; these are the objects of our Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.” — Opening Ritual


*Ashbel Bidwell Patriotic Service Prudence Roberts
Daniel Brewer Sergeant Anna Van Sant
*Eliphalet Curtis, Sr. Captain Margaret Dyer
*Amaziah Humphrey Private Elizabeth Harris
*Gideon Hurd Private Sarah Graham
Graham Hurd Private Love Curtiss
Sanford Kingsbury PS/Major Elizabeth Fitch
Israel Loomis Private Ruth Risley
*Ezekiel Pease Civil Service Hannah Chandler
Ithmar Tuttle Captain Rhoda Barnes
*Jesse Vibbert Private Martha Abbey
Benjamin Willey Private Elizabeth McCough


Joseph Underwood Patriotic Service Martha


Thomas Ansley Private Rebecca Harrison
John Lawson Civil Service Alice Moore
*Gannaway Martin Soldier Ann
*Orson Martin Public Service Susanna Gannaway
William Porter Corporal Elinor Stewart
Joseph Waller Patriotic Service Elizabeth Flint
*Abner Webster Sergeant Elizabeth Martin


*Jean Carriere Patriotic Service Marie Sophie Chauffert
*Joseph Alexander Landry Patriotic Service Isabel LaBlanc
*Dr. Don Juan Vives Patriotic Service Margarite Bujol


*Bartis Boots Patriotic Service Rachel
*Jacob Boots Patriotic Service Rebeker
William Causey Ensign Susannah Jackson
Thomas Chilton Ensign Sapphina Pierce
William Morgan Captain Cassandra Lee
*Van Swearingen, Sr. Patriotic Service Elizabeth Walker
Joseph Tucker. Patriotic Service Frances Drury


*Samuel Briggs Private Ruth Paull
Josiah Cook Private Miriam Shepard
Elisha Fuller Fifer Rebecca Waterman
Thomas Gibson Private Relief Hartwell
* William Jewett Civil Service Hannah Pickard
* Eliakim Richmond Soldier/Selectman Sarah Hackett
Amasa Sheldon, Jr. Private Sibyl Holton
Nathaniel Tucker Private Jedidah Warren
Caleb Whiting Major Hannah Sibley
Moses Whitney Corporal Molly Page
Nathaniel Willard Sergeant Eunice Farwell


Thomas Knott Soldier; Patriotic Service Prudence X
Gideon Marshall Soldier Abigail Randall
Ebenezer Peck Private Margaret Taggart


Uzal Bates Private Elizabeth Hurin
*Seth Hurin Patriotic Service Mary Hazen
Samuel Fitz Randolph Ensign Margaret Fitz Randolph
Daniel Stivers Private Margaret Hobart
Ann Cooper Whithall Patriotic Service James Whithall
James Whithall Patriotic Service Ann Cooper


*Perry Absalom Private Marvel Stiles
Wines Manney Private Altie Vandenbergh
Daniel Moses Private Mary Wilcox


*Daniel Bentley Patriotic Service Nancy Lewis
*Thomas Bentley Patriotic Service Hannah
*T Ambrose Blackburn Captain Frances Jones Hallbert
*Phillip Brantley Patriotic Service Polly
*Benjamin Beeson Patriotic Service Elizabeth Hunter
Randolph Cheek Patriotic Service Nancy Green
Thomas Cook Private Elizabeth Bowen
Solomon Cox Patriotic Service Naomi/Amy Hussey
*James Currin Captain Elizabeth Wheeler
Henry Davis Private Mary Norman Morris
*John Delaney Private Elizabeth
Francis Delaney Patriotic Service Agnes X
William Dodd Private Ameliz Marcom
William Fenner Soldier Mercy Ogden
*Bartholomew Gainey Patriotic Service (Sarah) Reddick
*Adam Gann Patriotic Service Jane
Nathan Gann Private Susan
Isaac Johnson Private Mary X
*Charles McKinley Patriotic Service Jennet McNeely
*David McKinley Patriotic Service Jane Caldwell
*John McNeely, Sr. Patriotic Service -
Nathaniel Moore Private Francis Taylor
John Polk, Sr. Soldier/ Civil Service Eleanor Shelby
*William Ragsdale Patriotic Service (1)Ann Parker
(2) Mary Daniel Isbell
William Rasco Captain Rachel Harrell
James Roddye Captain (1)Jane Catherine Chase
(2)Miss Russell
Sherrod Sims Patriotic Service Sarah/Sally Ashburn
Peter Sinclair Civil Service; Patriotic Service Mary X
Benjamin Skinner Patriotic Service Priscilla
Finley Stewart Patriotic Service Prudence Shaw
*John Stovall, Sr. Patriotic Service Dorcas
*Josiah Stovall Patriotic Service Mary Hicks
*Abner Tatum Patriotic Service Mary Currin
*John Tatum, Sr. Patriotic Service Ann Wright
Robert Taylor Patriotic Service Ann Herring
*Thomas Yates Private & Ensign Rebecca Ragsdale


Robert Biggs Soldier Jane Miller/Millar
James Brady Private Rebecca Young
William Ferguson Private Catherine LeMasters
*Peter Johnston Private Eleanor "Nelly" Peters
*Peter Kinter Private; Patriotic Service Mary Finley
Nicholas Myers Private Anna Margreth X
Alexander Lowry Colonel Mary Waters
Thomas Nichols Private Margaret Campbell
Peter Reasoner Captain Molly Speer
*John Swearingen Patriotic Service Catherine Stull
*Van Swearingen Captain Susanna Greathouse
Boaz Walton Private Mary Ashton
*George Warden Private Margaret Nelson


Clarke Brown 2nd Lieutenant Mary Mott
David Crandall Soldier Jemima Coon
Robert Knight Private Elizabeth Hammond
Abel Tanner Civil Service; Patriotic Service Phoebe Bent


Nathaniel Abney Captain Isabella Madison
*Bavester Barton Soldier Elizabeth
Benjamin Barton Private Dorcas Anderson
*Priscilla Breed Patriotic Service Joseph Breed
Joseph Breed Soldier Catherine Lee
*Bartlett Brown, Sr. Soldier Katherine Holcomb
*Benjamin Brown Soldier Nancy
*Isaac Brock Wagonmaster -
Nathan Clay Private Mary Ann Kilgore
William Hall Captain Anne Wilson
Clement Hancock Lieutenant Isabelle
Robert McCreight 2nd Lieutenant Margaret
David Peden Private Eleanor Goodgion
Lewis Peebles Patriotic Service Elizabeth
William Pegues Patriotic Service & Civil Service Sarah Hicks
*Jean Ernest Poyas Patriotic Service Rachel Bourget
*Dr. John Ernest Poyas Patriotic Service Catherine Smith
Peter Roberts Patriotic Service Anne Grumball
Philip Thurman Private Kesiah


Sanford Kingsbury Patriotic Service, Major Elizabeth Fitch
*Benjamin Rhodes Soldier Judith Richmond
Hezekiah Silloway Lieutenant Esther X


Joseph Anthony, Sr. Patriotic Service Elizabeth Clarke
Richard Bland Patriotic Service Ann Poythress
Isaac Burnet Patriotic Service Jane
*Tavener Branham Patriotic Service Elizabeth Burbridge
*Thomas Burbridge Patriotic Service Sallie Sharp
Marquis Calmes Captain Priscilla Hale
John Crooke Private Anne Doggett Reeves
John Dever Patriotic Service Mary
Phillip Eastin 1st Lieutenant Sarahanna Smith
William Gaines Patriotic Service Jane Robinson
*Benjamin Gilbert, Sr. Patriotic Service Ann
James Graham Captain Florence
James Hall Captain Martha
Graves Harris Patriotic Service Elizabeth Baldwin
Thomas Heath 1st Lieutenant Martha Gilbert
*John Hite, Sr. Civil Service Sara Elting
James Howard Private Elizabeth Green
*Richard Humphreys Patriotic Service Mary
Tandy Key Lieutenant; Patriotic Service Mildred Perkins
*George Kress Private Christiana
Thomas Landrum Private Margaret Herndon Miller
*Marcus Likens Civil Service; Patriotic Service Margaret
Samuel McKee Private Elizabeth Lowry
Ancil Manley Private Elizabeth Butler
David Meriwether Lieutenant Frances Wingfield
Christopher Moyers Lieutenant
Christopher Myers Lieutenant Susanna
John Owsley Private Charity Barton
William Sanford Pickett Captain Elizabeth Metcalf
*Lewis Pines Private Sarah
George Rupert Private Elizabeth
William Sanderson Private Jemina
George Scott Captain Angeletta Craighill
Thomas Shelton Corporal Sarah Barksdale
*Elisha Carter Smart Patriotic Service Ann Glover
*Charles Smith Patriotic Service Rebecca Hite
William Smithers Private Mary Winters
Daniel Taylor Private Jane Rowland
*Frederick Strosnider Private Catherine Gut
*James Taylor Patriotic Service Nancy Owen
Isaac Tinsley Lieutenant Jane
James Trotter Sergeant Ann
George Waller Colonel Anne Winston Carr
Warner Washington Patriotic Service Elizabeth Macon
Samuel Washington Colonel Mildred Thornton
William Chapman Whitley Soldier Esther Fuller
Drury Williams Patriotic Service Tabith Marshall
Isaac Burnet Williams Patriotic Service Jane

Note: * asterisk denotes those which are supplementals. All papers have been verified.