San Antonio de Bexar Chapter
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
San Antonio, Texas
Chapter History

Organized by Miss Mary Eleanor Brackenridge
December 11, 1902

The Founders of San Antonio de Bexar Chapter NSDAR met at the Woman’s Club on February 3, 1902 and selected the chapter name in honor of their historical city and county.  Several months later on November 22, 1902, charter #305 was issued to our chapter by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

San Antonio de Bexar was originally organized on July 4th, 1891, at the Menger Hotel with Mrs. James Henry French serving as the appointed Chapter Regent. When it was learned that the National Society would accept lineage only through descent from the "mother of the patriot" Mrs. French withdrew her membership. However, when the National Society changed the requirements to only lineal descent, Mrs. French and ten other ladies returned when Miss Eleanor Brackenridge reorganized a chapter December 11th, 1902. The name of the chapter was selected at a meeting held in February 1902 and charter #305 was issued on November 22nd, 1902, to the San Antonio de Bexar Chapter. In March 1905 Mrs. French presented to Miss Brackenridge, Regent, a sterling silver gavel made by Tiffany on which are engraved the names of the charter members
of the chapter.

San Antonio de Bexar Chapter is the oldest and largest chapter in San Antonio. The membership has grown steadily from 75 members in 1912 to its highest membership of 435 in 1994. The chapter is proud to list a current member as having served the National Society as a Registrar General, a former member as having served as a Historian General and two members as having served as Vice Presidents General. Three members have served as Texas State Regents and nineteen members have held state offices. The chapter has two current members who are Honorary State Regents for Life, and one member who currently serves the Texas Society as State
Corresponding Secretary.

Since 1941 the chapter has awarded an annual scholarship to local high school students to aid in furthering their education. During the "Bicentennial of George Washington's Birthday" the chapter gave 140 live oak trees to Randolph Air Force Base. The chapter has also placed markers on several historical buildings. In 1907 the chapter's first yearbook was printed. Since 1911 an "In Memoriam" page has been added to the yearbook to honor all
deceased members of the chapter.

Under the auspices of the San Antonio de Bexar Chapter a flourishing Society of Children of the American Revolution was organized in November 1911 as the Lieutenant Colonel Richard Lott C.A.R.  In 1927 the C.A.R.
 Society divided and the Society was issued to San Antonio de Bexar C.A.R.

The chapter is proud to be a part of the San Antonio Area Regents Council along with eleven other area chapters that work together to promote DAR in the community.

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