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Areas of Involvement

American 250!

We will be working closely with Waco Mayor, Kyle Deaver, the Waco Historic Foundation, Midway ISD, and other organizations throughout McLennan County planning this great celebration in 2026!

Chair: Bette Rudolph

American Heritage

This committee encourages our chapter daughters to participate in contests offered by DAR in the fields of art and sculpture, crafts, drama and literature, fiber arts, and music.

Chair: Mary Sue Duty

American History

This committee works closely with area schools to promote the American History Essay Contest and the Christopher Columbus Essay Contests in order to honor significate people, places, dates, and events.

Chair: Angela Granger

American Indians

This committee raises funds for our Indian schools, and celebrates National American Indian Heritage Month in November.

Chair: Susie Perkins


This committee nominates outstanding people for the DAR Medal of Honor and the DAR Americanism Medal. We hand out flags to new citizens at the Naturalization Ceremonies as well as hand out manuals in several languages to prospective citizens at the Naturalization Court.

Chair: Mary Sue Duty

Chapter Achievement Awards

The committee helps keep our chapter viable, making sure that our chapter goals are in alignment with the historical, educational, and patriotic objectives of the National Society.

Chair: Donna Jernigan

Chapter Development and Revitalization

The mission of this committee is to attract new member growth and inspire all members to participate more fully in DAR activities. We work closely with the Membership and Leadership Training committees.

Chair: Bette Rudolph

Children of the American Revolution

The goal committee is to provide leadership, guidance, and support to C.A.R. members as they grow into responsible citizens. We help support their fundraisers and are proud to have them give a presentation annually to our chapter.

Chair: Angela Granger

Commemorative Events

We identify and plan local and regional commemorative events, and to join in celebrations that support goals of the Society.

Chair: Bette Rudolph

Community Classroom

This committee encourages chapter members to volunteer in area classrooms.

Chair: Wanda Jean Freeze

Community Service Awards

We recognize worthy individuals and organizations for outstanding unpaid voluntary achievements in cultural, educational, humanitarian, patriotic, historical, citizenship, or environmental conservation endeavors.

Chair: Martha McKinney


This committee educates members about issues about conservation as well as planting trees and shrubs around the Waco area. We promote and encourage good stewardship practices that benefit the environment.

Chair: Alayna Granger

Constitution Week

September 17 - 23 is Constitution Week. Our committee goals are to bring awareness of this historical week by putting up displays, having mayors give proclamations, and having local churches, fire, and police departments participate in the “ringing of the bells”.

Chair: Pat Lee

DAR DNA Network

This committee hopes to educate members on the use of DNA for genealogy and encourage members to submit DNA samples to the Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) NSDAR DNA Group.

Chairs: Mildred Walker

DAR Genealogy Preservation

The goal of this committee is to index DAR genealogical and membership information into computerized, searchable databases. The committee's current project is the “Supporting Documentation” Project.

Chair: Neil Wiese

DAR Good Citizens

This committee works with high school administrators to recognize outstanding young people who exhibit the qualities of good citizenship in their homes, schools, and communities. We encourage the nomination of students for the DAR Good Citizens program and Scholarship Contest.

Chair: Neil Wiese

DAR Leadership Training

This committee provides members the tools and assistance to develop leadership qualities. We seek to have members enroll in the New Members and New Horizons classes to encourage and educate our Daughters.

Chair: Angela Granger

DAR Magazine

We encourage every member to subscribe to The American Spirit magazine, an award-winning publication. Subscriptions include copies of the companion Daughters Newsletter, which is designed to keep every member up-to-date on the progress and achievements of the National Society.

Chair: Melissa Diedrich

DAR Museum Outreach

This committee encourages members to become involved by participating in the docent programs, by donating funds to support the educational programs, and conservation/restoration of the collections.

Chair: Jennifer Jones

DAR Project Patriot

We support our wounded warriors at the Veterans One Stop Center and the Doris Miller Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Waco by delivering sandwiches and baked goods weekly. We also participate in projects for the Warrior and Family Support Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Chair: Naomi Mangum

DAR - SAR Relations

DAR-SAR Relations Committee promotes cooperation, membership, and community service between our chapter and the Waco Sons of the American Revolution Chapter. This committee encourages members to promote SAR membership for their sons, grandsons, brothers, husbands, uncles, etc.

Chair: Neil Wiese

DAR Scholarship

This committee notifies area high schools of the variety of DAR scholarships available each year to high school seniors. Our chapter awards “The Henry Downs Chapter Scholarship” to both McLennan Community College and Baylor University for qualifying students.

Chair: Karen Nelson

DAR Schools

This committee serves to support two DAR Schools and four DAR approved Schools. We send box tops, ink cartridges and thrift items to participating schools. We also participate in various state projects to benefit the schools.

Chair: Carol Vaughan

DAR Service for Veterans

Our committee provides service for our nation's veterans in many and varied ways. We specifically serve the Doris Miller VA Medical Center and the Heart of Texas One Stop on a weekly basis.

Co-Chairs: Naomi Mangum & Patricia Lee

Educational Resources

This committee works with area school districts to promote this useful sight to their instructors. Lesson plans may be submitted by DAR members or by the public for use in schools, by clubs or other interested groups.

Chair: Donna Jernigan

The Flag of the United States of America

We promote learning about the history and proper use of the flag. Our principal objectives are to keep the flag flying, to protect it continuously under all conditions, and to educate citizens regarding its correct usage.

Chair: Peggy Aston

Genealogical Records

The purpose of this committee is to collect, preserve and increase the holdings of unpublished genealogical source materials in the DAR Library; and to make those same records available world-wide through an online, every-name index.

Chair: Peggy Duty

Historic Preservation

This committee implements a Historic Preservation Contest that honors chapters and state societies who have completed an outstanding project in historic preservation in their area. We award certificates to local volunteers who have worked extensively in historic preservation.

Chair: Neil Wiese


We ensure the proper use, placement, and wearing of the Insignia, official ribbon, and DAR pins by keeping our chapter members educated.

Chair: Martha Bunn

Junior American Citizens

The committee works with school children that are not necessarily a descendant of a patriot, but who will benefit by learning about our great country.

Chair: Wanda Jean Freeze

Junior Membership

This committee focuses on gaining new Junior members (ages 18-35 years). Junior Membership also supports the National Committee’s fund-raising project, the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund.

Chair: Alyssa Granger

Lineage Research

This committee works with prospective members by assisting in genealogical research, obtaining required documentation paperwork for membership and preparing applications either individually or in Lineage Workshops.

Chair: Peggy Duty

Literacy Promotion

This committee encourages members’ volunteer involvement in programs promoting literacy for children and adults who lack reading and writing skills.

Chair: Natishua Brandt


The mission of this committee is to recruit and welcome new members, educate all chapter members about DAR programs and activities. We encourage all new members to participate in the New Members Course.

Chair: Carolyn Haynes

National Defense and ROTC

This committee keeps our members informed about national defense related material by having a National Defender report at regular chapter meetings. Our chapter presents Gold ROTC, Bronze JROTC, and Silver Outstanding Cadet medals to Baylor Air Force and Army Cadets and to area high school cadets.

Co-Chairs: Joyce Moody & Pat Lee

President General's Project

This committee promotes the President General’s Project to all members. "Moving Forward in Service to America” is concerned with preserving, restoring, and improving the NSDAR complex of historic buildings and the collections they contain.

Chair: Savannah Ulcak

Public Relations and Media

This committee hopes to present the DAR story to increase public support and appreciation for the society’s work. We contact media personnel about DAR activities to request coverage and supply local media with DAR information.

Chair: Vicki Kendig

Service to America

This committee keeps track of our members’ volunteer service hours and reports those hours to NSDAR. We especially choose a specific service, to give back to our community, in celebration of our anniversary date of October 11th with a “Day of Service to America.”

Chair: Jane Winston

Special Projects Grants

This committee finds and guides local non-profit organizations through the application process and sponsor projects exemplifying the organization’s mission areas of Historic Preservation, Education and Patriotism.

Chair: Jennifer Jones

State Regents Project

This committee supports the State Regent’s Project by keeping her chapter informed of the activities, projects, and fundraisers that our Texas State Regent chooses each year. Some recent activities included the dedication of new monuments in the Plaza of Liberty in McAllen, contributing funds for a playground at Tamassee School, and funding a softball bullpen at the Kate Duncan Smith School. The TXDAR voted to set up a designated fund for the restoration and preservation of the gowns in The First Ladies Historic Gown collection at TWU.

Chair: Leah Gorham

Units Overseas

This committee reaches out to chapter members overseas.

Chair: Martha Bunn

Volunteer Genealogists

This committee encourages members to be trained by taking national’s online Genealogy Education Programs, in order to work with sister chapters to expedite the preparation of properly prepared and properly documented applications.

Chair: Naomi Mangum

Volunteer Information Specialist

This committee uses computer technology skills to serve our chapter by promoting DAR objectives through the creation and maintenance of the chapter website, various social media sites, chapter directories and newsletters.

Chair: Angela Granger

Women's Issues

This committee is devoted to highlighting women's health, career, and family issues. We also encourage our chapter members to participate in the Women’s Issues Essay Contest.

Chair: Leah Gorham

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"Their remembrance shall be as lasting as the land they honored."