Chapter History

With resentment and tension running high in the colonies in May 1775, the delegates of Mecklenburg County met and passed unanimously the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.

Captain James Jack, a brave, intelligent, and determined patriot, was commissioned to carry this important document to Philadelphia, where the Continental Congress was then in session.

When told by the North Carolina representatives that they did not think congress was ready to act upon "absolute independence," his reply was, "Gentlemen, you may debate here about reconciliation and memorialize your king, but bear in mind Mecklenburg owes no allegiance to, and is separated from the crown of Great Britain forever."

On the first call for troops, Captain Jack entered the service in command of a troop and remained through the war.

Showing the same zeal and patriotic spirit, descendants of Captain Jack came to Texas in 1831.  After taking an active part in gaining independence for Texas, they distinguished themselves as judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas, secretary of state, and as representatives and senators.