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The Nacogdoches Chapter has been honored to have had four state officers among its number:

Mrs. George S. Barham State Chaplain, 1934-37

Mrs. Clifford H. Osborne (later Mrs. Hugh Smith)

State Historian, 1946-1949
Mrs. W. Ben Stripling State Organizing Secretary, 1968-1970
Mrs. E. Branch Patton

State Corresponding Secretary 1991-1997

State Recording Secretary 1994-1997

State Chaplain, 1997-2000

State Vice Regent, 2000-2003

State Regent, 2003-2006

The Nacogdoches Chapter has been honored to have a national officer among its number:

Mrs. E. Branch Patton Corresponding Secretary General, 2007-2011


2017-2019 Chapter Officers
Regent: Angela K. Key
Vice Regent: Pattye C. Greer
Chaplain: Rebecca B. Shepherd
Recording Secretary: Cecilia "Ceci" Matthews
Corresponding Secretary: Callie M Bricker
Treasurer: Jocelyn L. Blake
Registrar: Connie B. Howe
Historian: Gail H. Eddings
Librarian: Marilyn Lairson
Curator: Nina H. Perry
Parliamentarian: Kathryn L. Robertson
Chapter Regents
Mrs. George S.Barham 1926
Mrs. Thomas E. Ferguson 1927
Miss. Jesse Hickman 1928-30
Mrs. William T. Chambers 1931-33
Miss Edna Wilkin 1934-36

Mrs. Clifford H.Osborne

Mrs. L. C. Harling         1940-41
Mrs. Clifford H. Osborne 1942
Mrs. A. Langston Nelson 1942-45
Mrs. William T. Chambers 1946-49
Mrs. John T. Maynard 1949-52
Mrs. Lawrence T. Hunt 1952-55
Mrs. W. Ben Stripling 1955-58
Miss Hellen Hickman 1959-61
Mrs. Carl Hickman 1961-64
Mrs. W. Ben Stripling 1964-67
Mrs. John T. Maynard 1967-68
Mrs. James B. Dorsey 1968-70
Mrs. Thomas W. Wright 1970-73
Mrs. Allen E. Moss 1973-76
Mrs. Joe E. Biggerstaff 1976-79
Mrs. Clarence A. Thomas 1979-82
Mrs. E. Branch Patton 1982-85
Mrs. Thomas W. Wright 1985-88
Mrs. Raymond D. Rinker 1988-91
Mrs. Billy M. Wall 1991-94
Mrs. Hoover Greer 1994-97
Mrs. Billy Cox 1997-00
Mrs. John F. Meehan 2000-03
Mrs. John F. Meehan 2003-06
Mrs. Hoover Greer 2007-07
Mrs. Paul Howe 2007-09
Mrs. Jerry D. Nichols 2009-11
Mrs. Ronald Anderson 2011-13
Mrs. Walter V. Robertson 2013-17

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