1923-1924 Mrs. James Walter Ansell 1924-1925 Mrs. C.G. Taylor
1925-1927 Mrs. E.G. Berry 1927-1928 Mrs. W.C. Johnson
1928-1929 Mrs. Joseph T. Roberts 1929-1930 Miss Adeline Neighbors
1930-1931 Mrs. George Donalson 1931-1932 Mrs. Claude S. Ivey
1932-1933 Mrs. Joseph T. Roberts 1933-1935 Mrs. H. Grady Walker
1935-1936 Mrs. E.L. Thomas 1936-1937 Mrs. James Walter Ansell
1937-1938 Mrs. Marvin B. Combs 1938-1939 Mrs. E. J. Berry
1939-1941 Mrs. Joseph T. Roberts 1941-1942 Miss Carrie E. Cochran
1942-1944 Mrs. Marion McGee 1944-1946 Miss Ruby Henderson
1946-1948 Miss Irma Bruce 1948-1949 Mrs. Charles M. Decker
1949-1950 Mrs. Marion McGee 1950-1952 Miss Mary Louise Hightower
1952-1954 Miss Louise Lawson 1954-1956 Mrs. William A. Wyatt, Sr.
1956-1958 Mrs. George C. Baker 1958-1959 Mrs. Marion McGee
1959-1962 Miss Ruth Thomas 1962-1964 Mrs. A. L. Camp
1964-1966 Mrs. George C. Baker 1966-1968 Miss Ruth Thomas
1968-1969 Mrs. Louis Y. Saunders 1969-1971 Mrs. John Pool
1971-1973 Miss Virginia Hightower 1973-1974 Mrs. Thacher Gary
1974-1975 Mrs. Bryan Baldridge 1975-1977 Mrs. Jack David Hearn
1977-1979 Miss Martha Baker 1979-1981 Mrs. J. Wendell Brown, Jr.
1981-1984 Mrs. Francis M. Rich, Jr. 1984-1987 Mrs. Ross D. Compton
1987-1990 Mrs. Joseph W. Dollahite 1990-1992 Mrs. Ross D. Compton
1992-1994 Mrs. Charles E. Wiegand 1994-1995 Ms. Dorothy Kerbow
1995-1997 Mrs. Joseph W. Dollahite 1997-1999 Mrs. Francis M. Rich, Jr.
1999-2001 Ms. Larri Sue Brown Hampton 2001-2003 Mrs. John Robert Whalin
2003-2005 Mrs. Russell C. Ayers 2005-2007 Mrs. Russell C. Ayers
2007-2010 Ms. Carmen Imel 2010-2011 Mrs. Polly Ann Wright
2011-2013 Ms. Helen M. Drew 2013-2014 Mrs. Lon R. Shell

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