Blue Bonnets in Bosque County

The Bosque River Valley Chapter, NSDAR, meets monthly September through May on the third Sunday of the month with the exception of the December Christmas event. Interesting programs are presented at every meeting. Prospective members are welcome.

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Bosque River Valley Chapter

By Sherrod L. Fielden
Bosque County Poet Laureate

Women who can prove their bloodline
all the way back to the Revolutionary War
with an ancestor who stood bold and strong—
that’s who the Daughters are.

Not many are able to do this.
Close doesn’t count for a thing;
without a shadow of doubt is what it’s about.
That’s what makes the Daughters sing.

And sing they do, of freedom for all.
Their voices carry over the land.
Red, white and blue, the notes ring true,
placing their trust in God’s own hand.

God, Home, Country is their motto,
and they take it very seriously.
One for all and all for one…
their goal for remaining free.

Texas Approval