Thankful Hubbard News

Accomplishments rewarded.

Montie Goodin recognized for historic preservation efforts and Tacy Slade for genealogy preservation.


Thankful Hubbard was awarded the page of the month for December 2006.

Welcome to Thankful Hubbard Chapter

As one of five founding chapters of the Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution, the Thankful Hubbard Chapter of the Daughters of The American Revolution has practiced patriotism through service to the community more than 114 years.

Last year, when membership swelled to more than 305 members, Thankful Hubbard was awarded the Golden Peacock, Texas Society DAR's recognition of the chapter that increased membership by application the most in a year's time.

We've come a long way from that first meeting in the parlor of one of Austin's most prestigious homes. Through our fund-raising, promotion, and historic preservation projects, we have honored several preservation projects and assisted in two others: the Governor’s Mansion and the Austin Woman’s Club.

But our resources and projects have reached well beyond historic preservation. Our Membership Committee wrote a manual to serve as a blueprint for all future members of the committee, with detailed instructions on how to achieve any stated goals. Each individual on the committee researched and detailed her job responsibilities, which were added to the manual, eliminating guesswork for anyone joining the group, now and in the future.

Another original booklet was designed and written for those who join our chapter as new members. The New Member's Handbook is a compilation of questions and answers many people have when joining an established organization. It covers Thankful Hubbard Chapter from its beginning in 1899, beginning with where the name originated, to present day projects. Protocol and group activities are covered, as well as web sites and the names of individual members available to consult for further information.

Even our monthly meetings have a purpose as we educate ourselves in many areas. For example, we have studied new technologies available to apply to our genealogy research, compiling a digital database for all to use in historical searches as we learn to look toward the future while maintaining respect for and honoring the past.

Join us at one of our meetings the second Tuesday of every month, September through November, and January through May.

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