National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Nancy Horton Davis Chapter

Dallas, Texas


 Why DAR?


The men and women who achieved American Independence needed no reminders of what they had accomplished. The victory itself was the monument to the spirit. No other was required. Documents, relics and soldiers' tales were handed down in the traditional way, through families.

The nation was to endure a devastating war between its very states, a painful reconstruction, and a proud centennial before it finally awoke to the ephemeral nature of the national memory. And then suddenly, it was time to remember and preserve.

Ann Arnold Hunter, A Century of Service: The Story of the DAR, 1991


 The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution is a national organization that was formed in 1890 that is dedicated to service to the Nation. Its objectives are historic preservation, promotion of education and patriotic endeavor. An individual is first a member of the National Society, and through her chapter and state organization she contributes her service to the collective strength and progress of the National Society. The formation of chapters of the DAR in Texas began shortly after National, in 1894, and has been growing ever since. 


DAR Membership Information

Any woman at least eighteen years of age who can prove lineal descent from a man or woman who rendered material aid to the cause of American Independence as a soldier, sailor, civil officer, or a recognized patriot in one of the several Colonies or States, or of the United States is eligible for membership. Documentation must be provided for each statement of birth, marriage and death between the prospective member and the revolutionary ancestor. If you are interested in further information about our meetings, activities or membership, we would be delighted to hear from you.



Our Chapter - Nancy Horton Davis in Dallas, Texas

Regent–Janet Kennedy
First Vice Regent –Amanda Carruth
Second Vice Regent–Ellen McCollum
Chaplain Penny Schuchat
Recording Secretary–JoBeth Weise
Assistant Secretary (appointed)–Alexa Heck
Treasurer–Elaine Rose
Assistant Treasurer (appointed)
Rosalie Palmer
Registrar–Cindy Johnstone
Assistant Treasurer (appointed)–Carmen Moore
Assistant Treasurer (appointed)–Patricia Canavan
Librarian–Maxine Yant
Parliamentarian–Sandra Bassett

Our Chapter was the fifth chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution to be formed in the Dallas, Texas area. It was organized on March 23, 1957, by Delia Dugan and was named for her great grandmother. Our namesake, Nancy Horton Davis (d.1839), was the daughter of Thomas Davis, who was in Dragoon No. 25 and chaplain in Elijah Clark's First Continental Dragoons of the American Revolution. We support the Isaac Freese Society of the Texas Children of the American Revolution.

This chapter meets the second Saturday of each month, September through May at 12:00 noon, and is a luncheon meeting.  For membership information and meeting locations, please contact the regent.

Members contribute to chapter activities as their individual interests dictate, and there is something to interest everyone, such as genealogical research and preservation, literacy and historical programs in schools, conservation, and support of the local Veterans' Hospital, to name just a few.


Our Chapter's Honored Daughters

The Nancy Horton Davis Chapter is proud of all its members and of the many years of dedicated service and loyalty they have contributed to the goals of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Our Chapter was the winner of the 1998 Juniors' Chapter Choice Award for the State of Texas. This coveted award honors the Texas chapter which best promotes and supports Juniors and Junior projects. 





In October 1994, Helen Muriel Linz Klingman was named honorary chapter regent. Helen was a dedicated and hard-working member of DAR for over 65 years and of our chapter for over 30 years!

Jeanne Jordan Tabb was named honorary chapter regent in April 1999. Jeanne was an organizing member of the chapter and served as chapter regent for four terms!



Sandra C..Bassett was named an honorary chapter regent in the Spring of the Year 2000.  Sandy served four terms as our chapter regent and chaired numerous chapter committees.  She has held the offices of Texas State librarian and Texas State Organizing secretary, and has served for many years on the NSDAR speakers staff.  Sandy is also advisor to the NSDAR Museum.

Frances Wigginton Anderson was named honorary chapter regent in 2006.  In the past ten years, she has served as chapter regent three terms and served on the board as first vice regent, registrar, assistant registrar and currently chaplain.  During Fran's term as regent, the chapter won the Junior's Choice Chapter award.


Kimberly K. Clark was named honorary chapter regent in 2006.  Kim has served three terms as chapter regent as well as most other chapter officers
at least once. Kim additionally has served as editor of the Congress Herald, the daily paper during the NSDAR Continental Congress for about the past decade.

Marsha J. Ward*was named honorary chapter regent on April 12, 2008.Over a twelve year period, Marsha made an enormous impact on our chapter, both visibly as regent and quietly behind the scenes.  Most members will never know the extent the chapter benefited from Marsha's hard work, generosity, and imaginative leadership skills.

*Deceased April 23, 2008



Junior members of DAR are members (18-36) who make vital contributions to DAR as well as other community, historic, educational and patriotic activities.  The Nancy Horton Davis Chapter was recipient of the Texas State Juniorsí Choice Chapter at the 99th Texas State Conference.  This is a state honor awarded each year to the chapter that best supports Juniors and Junior activities.  Our chapter is proud of its long history of support of Juniors members and to have two state winners of the Texas State Outstanding Junior Contest, Sydney Brainard 1986-1987 and Bettina Ripperger  2000-2001.


Some of the wonderful members that devote so much time and energy to our Chapter are the ladies that are serving as chapter officers.



Members serving the State and National Societies:

National Vice Chairman Memorial Service
Sandra Cook Bassett
District III Director
Sally Czerwinski
State Chairman National Defense
Sandra Cook Bassett
State Vice Chairman Regents Lounge
Sandra Cook Bassett
Dallas Area Regents Council Chairman
Janet Kennedy
Texas Speakers Staff Members
Sandra Cook Bassett
Sally Czerwinski
Texas State Vice Chair Texas Room
Sandra Cook Bassett

Chapter Chair TXDAR Standing Committees
TXDAR Centennial Forest–Susan Campbell
TXDAR Centennial Park–Susan Campbell
TXDAR Speakersí Staff–Sandra Bassett & Sally Czerwinski

Chapter Chair TXDAR Special Committees
DAR Library–Maxine Yant

Chapter Committee Chairs
Music–Laurie Dickens
Newsletter–Janet Kennedy
Telephone–Penny Schuchat
Yearbook–Amanda Carruth
Bylaws–Sandy Bassett
Finance–Elaine Rose
Memorials–Penny Schuchat
State Regentís Project–JoBeth Weise

2017 - 2018 Chapter Chairs, National Committees
Membership & Administration
Chaplain–Penny Schuchat
Chapter Achievement Awards–Janet Kennedy
Junior Membership–Amanda Carruth
Lineage Research–Sally Czerwinski
Membership–Amanda Carruth
Protocol–Sandra Bassett
Units Overseas–Leola Searles
Volunteer Genealogists–Sally Czerwinski
Volunteer Information Specialists–Amanda Carruth

Americanism–Pat Taylor
Children of the American Revolution–JoBeth Weise
DAR Good Citizens–Penny Schuchat
DAR Project Patriot–Leola Searles
DAR Service for Veterans–Leola Searles
The Flag of the United States of America–Ellen McCollum
National Defense–Amanda Carruth
Service to America–Alexa Heck

American Heritage–Leola Searles
American History–Audra Schvab
Commemorative Events–Elaine McReynolds
DAR Museum Outreach–Sandra Bassett
Genealogical Records–Sally Czerwinski
Historian–Maxine Yant
Historic Preservation–Elaine McReynolds
Librarian– Maxine Yant

American Indians–Carmen Moore
Community Classroom–Michele Moran
Conservation–Susan Campbell
Constitution Week–Roney Foil
DAR Magazine–Rosalie Palmer
DAR Scholarship–Elaine Rose
DAR Schools–Laurie Dickens
Junior American Citizens–Elizabeth Cavin
Literacy Promotion–Maxine Yant
Public Relations and Media–Peggy Britton
Women's Issues–Roney Foil



Our Ancestors

Israel Angell RI   Nicholas Kepple PA
Samuel Atwood MA   Andrew Kersh SC
Adam Axline VA   Jacob Kimmey NY
Silas Ayer NJ   Baxter King NC
Harman Back VA   William King Jr MA
John Baldwin PA   Benjamin Lemasters VA
John Barber NC   Daniel Lewis NC
Richard Barnes VA   John Lewis VA
Moses Barrows MA   Zachariah Lierly NC
Sanford Berry SC   James Little CT
Thomas Black VA   Samuel Livingston VA
Elisha Blinn NY   William Logan SC
Hezekiah Boyden VT   Elias Lovelace NC
Josiah Brandon NC   John Magill VA
George Britton VA   Elisha Mason MA
Edmund Browder NC   Caleb Massey VA
Joseph Browder VA   Archibald Mccorkle SC
James Bulkley Jr VA   John Mcfarland Jr VA
Isaac Burnham NC   John Meetch PA
Francis Burrill VA   John Melchoir Sr PA
Josiah Burroughs MA   John Menefee VA
Pleasant Bybee VA   William Menefee Sr VA
Matthew Cartwright NC   Samuel Merry MA
Richard Castleberry GA   George Miller PA & MD
Seth ClarkJr MA   Thomas Millsaps NC
Mitchel Clay VA   Michael Mosher MA
John Cole NC   Simeon Newell CT
James Compton NJ   Solomon Newton MA
Joseph Coolidge MA   John O'shields SC
David Cox VA   John Peters VA
Isaac Cox VA   Richard Pierce MA
Isaac Crabtree VA   Thomas Prather NC
William Creigh PA   Archibald Prather VA
George Darden Sr GA   Obediah Pratt NY
Christian De La Grange NY   Benjamin Randall MA
Jellis De La Grange NY   William Rankin VA
Joseph Deaton NC   George Renner VA
Walter Dent MD   Drury Roberts GA
George Drake NJ   Drury Roberts GA
Isaac DuBose SC   James Robertson NC
Peter Ehle NY   Issicar Robinson NY
John Elliott NH   Levin Savage NC
James Ellis NY   Richard Sebree VA
Richard Esselstyne NY   James Simpson RI
Jacob Esselstyne Sr NY   Amos Slauson NY
Phillip Evans NC   Daniel Sledge NC
Joseph Everett PA   George Smith VA
William Lynn Fanning NC   Reuben Smith NH
Nathaniel Flower CT   Daniel Squire CT
John Forman NJ   Ninian Steele NC
Michel Fortier Jr LA   Thomas Steele PA
William Frampton PA   William Stewart MA
Jacob Friedrich Lagenauer NC   John Stockton VA
Robert Frierson SC   John Stovall Sr NC
Thomas Gibson NC   Josiah Stovall NC
Peter Gilstrap NC   William Strother SC
Salathiel Goff VA   Thomas Summerall NC
Richard Graham NC   Samuel Thompson MA
Nathaniel Gunn Sr MA   Reuben Thompson GA
Philip H Bortle NY   Thomas Thompson NJ
Philip Hammond VA   Abraham Turk NY
Josias Hawkins MD   Zadoc Turner MD
Nathaniel Healy MA   Jonathan Urann NH
Thomas Heard VA   Abraham Van Doren NJ
William Henshaw VA   William Van Alstyne NY
William Henshaw VA   Philip Walker SC
Jacob Hewins Sr MA   John Webster Gilbert VA
Matthias Hite VA   Benjamin Wells MA
John Howard NC   Henry Wells NY
Joseph Howard NC   Joseph Wells NY
Thomas Huntley NC   Ornan Whatley GA
Henry Inman PA   Shirley Whatley NC
John J Waldo Jr NY   Michael Whatley NC
Jacob Humphrey PA   Hardin Williams NC
Ephraim Jennings MA   Ezekiel Wimberly NC
John Johnson MA   William Witcher VA
Samuel Kelsey Sr SC   William Wylie SC



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