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Organized March 28, 1922

A group of ladies met in Mexia, Texas, in the home of Mrs. Sweatt, for the purpose of organizing a chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR). Mrs. Sweatt had been appointed Organizing Chapter Regent by Mrs. McFarland, State Regent, at the Texas State Conference in November 1920. For a year after its organization, the chapter was called the Mexia Chapter NSDAR; then the name was changed to Jonathan Hardin in honor of the Revolutionary War ancestor of Mrs. Sweatt and three other members.

The charter members were: Lola Herring Alderman, Mary Elizabeth Alderman, Nancy Gantt Boyd, Lamar Ross Chatham, Frances Walcott McCramey, Sanford Gibbs Norsworthy, Adeline McFarland, Annie Gibbs Meaders, Sallie Smith Karner, Lillian Ross, Louise Thomson Scott, Valentine Gantt Smith, Minette Hunter Staggs, and Roberta Putman Sweatt. The following officers were elected: Robert Sweatt, regent; Lamar Chatham, vice regent; Nancy Boyd, recording secretary; Lois Alderman, corresponding secretary; Valentine Smith, treasurer; Mary Elizabeth Alderman, registrar; and Lillian Ross, historian.


The following ladies have served as chapter regents of the Jonathan Hardin Chapter NSDAR since its organization in 1922:

Mrs. Roberta Sweatt 1922-1924
Miss Margaret Clark 1925-1926
Mrs. Roberta Sweatt 1927-1929
Miss Elliot Ross 1929-1930
Mrs. Valentine Smith 1930-1934
Mrs. Cecil White 1934-1936
Mrs. H.C. Freeman 1936-1938
Mrs. James Coman 1938-1940
Mrs. Roberta Sweatt 1940-1942
Miss Faye Yelldell 1942-1944
Mrs. Charles Alderman 1944-1946
Miss Ruth Clark 1946-1948
Mrs. John Sanders 1948-1950
Mrs. Luther Adamson 1950-1952
Mrs. J. Franklin Jackson 1952-1954
Mrs. Jack Oliver 1954-1956
Miss Dasa Ellington 1956-1958
Mrs. John L. Bates 1958-1960
Mrs. O.J. Lee 1960-1962
Mrs. Frank Taylor 1962-1964
Mrs. Myrtle Dominy 1964-1965
Miss Ruth Clark 1965-1968
Mrs. Raleigh DeLong 1968-1970
Mrs. John L. Bates 1970-1972
Mrs. Hulen E. Kirgan 1972-1974
Mrs. Howard Wooten 1974-1976
Mrs. J. Franklin Jackson 1976-1978
Mrs. H.O. Whitehurst 1978-1980
Mrs. Vera Samford 1980-1982
Mrs. C.W. Space 1982-1984
Mrs. J.T. Bounds 1984-1988
Mrs. T. Wayne Robinson 1988-1990
Mrs. M.K. Hanna 1990-1994
Mrs. Gene R. Alston 1994-1998
Mrs. Michael Lance Phillips 1998-1999
Mrs. Michael H. Bogard 2000-2002
Mrs. Jimmy W. McKee 2003-2004
Mrs. Gene R. Alston 2004-2006
Mrs. Donald L. McDonald 2006-2010
Mrs. Gene R. Alston 2010-2012
Mrs. Michael McBay 2012-2014
Mrs. Jimmy W. McKee 2014-2016
Mrs. Michael McBay 2016-2018
Mrs. Marshall McSwane 2018-2020


Chapter Members
The April 10, 2019 chapter meeting was honored to have State Regent, Susan Tillman! She was so kind to induct our newest member, Felicia Hobson Hancock, and gave inspiring remarks about DAR and how to "Let Our Light Shine" through our chapter good works! Chapter members shared their experiences at the 2019 Texas State Conference.

Pictured left to right: Delores Younts, Pam Stuver, Marjorie Huckels, Chapter Recording Secretary Joan Marsh, Chapter Registrar Billie Bournias, Chapter Second Vice Regent Aleece McBay, Past TXDAR State Chaplain Kay Alston, Chapter Chaplain Marsha Black, TXDAR State Regent Susan Tillman, Felicia Hancock, Chapter Regent Nancy McSwane, Pat Wiggins, Patti Gauntt, Nancy Rula, Chapter First Vice Regent Carleen Willis, Chapter Historian Rita Walker, Chapter Treasurer Diane Pullin, Carol Biggar, Linda Thornton and Glenda Buck
Chapter Regent Nancy Brown McSwane, and Chapter Treasurer Diane Pullin attended District VII workshop in Georgetown, Texas. Keynote speaker was Marcy Carter-Lovick pictured with Nancy. Our own member, Sherrie Clark Wilson, pictured with Nancy and Diane, was the speaker on "Fired Up About Leadership". It was an interesting and informative day!
Rachel Marcum
Jonathan Hardin Chapter NSDAR was pleased to have its first debutante presented on opening night at the 112th Texas State Society Daughters of the American Revolution (TXDAR) State Conference. Rachel Marcum is our newest Junior Member, having become a dual member of Elder John Parker Society, National Society Children of the American Revolution and Jonathan Hardin Chapter NSDAR. Attending state conference were (left to right) Kay Alston, regent; Diana McDonald, librarian; Rachel Marcum, Junior Member; Rita Walker, historian; and Aleece McBay, first vice regent.

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