Chapter History

The General Levi Casey Chapter was organized February 7, 1952, in the home of Mrs. Dennis G. Colwell in Dallas, Texas, with Mrs. George A. Ripley, Organizing Regent, presiding. Honored guests were Mrs. Frank G. Trau, State Regent; Mrs. James A. Welborn, State Corresponding Secretary; Miss Jamie Hess; Mrs. L. B. Hall; Mrs. Albert E. Hudspeth; Mrs. Robert A. Underwood; and Mrs. R. T. Skiles.

The General Levi Casey Chapter was the second DAR Chapter to be organized in Dallas, and began with 49 members . Organizing officers were: Regent, Mrs. George A. Ripley; Vice Regent, Mrs. Dennis G. Colwell; Chaplain, Mrs. Tom M. Price; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Warren A. Shoecraft; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Charles L. Ferguson; Treasurer, Mrs. Edwin C. Schieffer; Registrar, Mrs. James D. Lutrell, Sr.; Historian, Mrs. R. E. DeWoody; Parliamentarian, Mrs. Donald G. Hazzard; and Counselors, Mmes. James A. Wellborn and Albert E. Hudspeth.

In 1957, seven sisters and two nieces of the family and descendants of Major William Lightfoot of Virginia, joined the Chapter. Mrs. Tom Price was a real Revolutionary Granddaughter of Benjamin Kitchen of Virginia, while another member, Mrs. B. C. Eubanks, was a descendant of Col. Samuel Washington, brother of our first President, George Washington.

The Chapter sponsored the Peter Norton Society, C.A.R., which was organized February 14, 1963, and was disbanded in 1981. We now sponsor Three Forks of the Trinity Society, C.A.R.

General Levi Casey, for whom the chapter was named, is the Revolutionary War ancestor of our organizing member and second Chapter Regent, 1953-1955, Mrs. Dennis G. Colwell, as well as other members who have joined us since our founding.

The General commanded a company at the assault of Savannah, and distinguished himself at Rocky Mountain, Hanging Rock, Fishing Creek, King's Mountain, Black Stocks, and Cowpens, where he performed outstanding service. He is listed among King's Mountain Men for his bravery and courage. He was elected as representative from South Carolina to the 8th and 9th Congress serving from October 17, 1803 until his death February 1, 1807 in Washington DC where he is buried in the Congressional Cemetery.

General Levi Casey Chapter NSDAR
Organized February 7, 1952
Honorary Regents Council

 Mrs. George A. Ripley, Organizing Regent*
 Mrs. Dennis G. Colwell*
 Mrs. Donald G. Hazzard*
 Mrs. Edwin C. Schieffer*
 Mrs. James D. Lutrell, Sr.
 Mrs. Warren A. Shoecraft*
 Mrs. Ellis D. Ames*
 Mrs. Frank E. Ware*
 Mrs. Stanley A. Williams*
 Mrs. W. Albert Brown*
 Miss Carrie E. Williamson*
 Mrs. Sterling Bailey*
 Mrs. Oscar I. Listol
 Mrs. Delway H. Smith*
 Mrs. Mary Helen Brengel*
 Mrs. Tom M. Hearn
 Mrs. W. Clytes A. Cullar*
 Mrs. Tom M. Hearn
 Mrs. Roy Lars Hansen*
 Ms. Wanda Ledwell*
 Mrs. Gordon Miltenberger (Dolores)
 Mrs. Carroll E. Florence, Jr. (Mary)
 Mrs. Pershing F. Latham*
 Mrs. Patricia Westerlage
 Mrs. Lawrence E. Sellers (Suzanne)
 Mrs. John A. Welch (Dorothy)
 Mrs. John A. Henderson (Gina)
 Mrs. Kenneth Justiss (Charnita)
 Ms. Linda White 2008-2010
 Mrs. Kenneth Justiss 2010-2012
 Ms. Andrea Jander 2012-2014

* Deceased



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