Colonel George Moffett Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Beaumont, Texas | Organized February 1906

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Chapter Officers (2017-2019)

Paula Jan Droptini, Regent

Sue Russell Dismukes, First Vice-Regent

Stephanie Lampson Gertz, Second Vice-Regent

Susan Floyd Lampson, Chaplain

Gloria Chambers Ayres, Recording Secretary

Hillary Lampson Shanning, Corresponding Secretary

D'Lana Russell Barbay, Treasurer

Carolyn Jones Modica, Assistant Treasurer

Charmaine "Peggy" Ewest, Registrar

Teresa Mitchell Orr, Historian

Amanda Elizabeth Selemon, Librarian


Cathy Hutchison Shoemaker, Director: Temple to the Brave

Patricia Forsythe Allen, Director: Assistant to the Regent

Past Chapter Regents

1906-1907 Mrs. B. Rush Norvell
1908-1909 Mrs. Z. T. Fuller
1910-1911 Mrs. J. M. Gilbert
1912-1913 Mrs. Wm. M. Carroll
1914-1915 Mrs. Lipscomb Norvell
1916-1917 Mrs. J. A. Harrison
1918-1919 Mrs. B. Rush Norvell
1920-1921 Mrs. C. H. Stroeck
1922-1923 Mrs. B. S. Woodhead
1924-1925 Mrs. G. C. Kennedy
1926-1927 Mrs. F. J. Duff
1928-1930 Mrs. W.P.H. McFaddin
1930-1932 Mrs. L. B. Pipkin
1932-1934 Mrs. J. A. Glen
1934-1936 Mrs. Howard W. Gardner
1936-1938 Mrs. Wallace B. Livesey
1938-1940 Mrs. Jackson Mouton
1940-1942 Mrs. J. Cooke Wilson
1942-1943 Mrs. George W. Bowes
1943-1944 Mrs. Wallace B. Livesey
1944-1946 Miss Alberta Russell
1946-1948 Mrs. A. B. Marks
1948-1950 Mrs. C. W. Bingman
1950-1952 Mrs. T. H. Nees
1952-1954 Mrs. Guy Harold Keith
1954-1956 Mrs. John O. Banks
1956-1958 Mrs. Wm. C. Ross, Jr.
1958-1960 Mrs. G. Harry Shepherd
1960-1962 Mrs. Foster Lee Rankin
1962-1964 Miss Erin O'Brien
1964-1966 Dr. Lena Triplett Milam
1966-1968 Mrs. Glen E. Richard
1968-1970 Mrs. Murray Ezzell
1970-1972 Mrs. G. Harry Shephard
1972-1974 Mrs. Elmore P. Kalbaugh, Jr.
1974-1976 Mrs. Perry B. Matthews
1976-1978 Mrs. Lamar Bevil
1978-1980 Mrs. Ralph Weihing
1980-1982 Mrs. Hubert F. Hawthorn
1982-1984 Mrs. Burton R. Yandry
1984-1986 Mrs. J Brooks Bishop, Jr.
1986-1988 Mrs. Theodore Boodry
1988-1990 Mrs. Nugent Boyd, Jr.
1990-1992 Mrs. W. R. Cousins
1992-1994 Mary Jean Davis
1994-1996 Mrs. James B. Higgins
1996-1998 Mrs. Bruce A. Davis
1998-2000 Mrs. Robert L. Murphey
2000-2004 Mrs. Wm. T. Faucett
2004-2007 Mrs. Russell Arlen Owens
2007-2011 Linda Cheryl Cansler
2011-2013 Sadie Leona Farnsworth
2013-2015 Carolyn J. Modica
2015-2017 Mary Kathleen "Kate" Jabbia

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