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What Does the Balcones Chapter Do?

The Balcones Chapter is active in a variety of activities including the following Committees:

DAR Good Citizen and Scholarship
Scholarships and awards are given to students for continuing education.

DAR Schools
The Balcones Chapter helps to support the Tamassee School through financial contributions and other means, such as collection of Campbell's soup labels, that can be redeemed by the school for needed supplies.

The Tamassee DAR School, Tamassee, South Carolina
Tamassee was chosen as a DAR National Schools Project in 1921. It is one of two designated DAR schools and the only DAR boarding school in the nation. An average of 400 children is served on a typical school day. The school boards an average of 72 during the school year, 55 during the summer, and serves 50 at the Pennsylvania Children Center and 300 at the Tamassee Elementary School. Tamassee offers supplemental family services for children grades K-12. These children come from a variety of states and situations and all of them come with the need for love and acceptance.

The Kate Duncan Smith School, Inc., Grant, Alabama
The school serves grades K-12. It provides opportunities for the children of a large, rural area in the Appalachian foothills to develop a strong love of American ideals as they obtain a distinctive academic background. Emphasis is on patriotic education throughout the curriculum. Although the school plant and enrollment have increased greatly in size and number since 1924, the same spirit of dedication to achievement, patriotic and moral values, and service to community and country exists on the campus today, as it did in the early years. More information can be found at: http://www.kdsdar.org/default.htm

Other DAR approved schools are:
Hillside School, Inc.
Hindman Settlement School
Berry College
Crossnore School, Inc.

DAR Service for Veterans
Among other endeavors, the Balcones Chapter DAR provides support to the patients at the Veteran’s hospital in Waco, through visits, and provides donated supplies such as postage, writing supplies, and personal care items.

Ollie Newton Black Scholarship
Balcones Chapter has created this scholarship in memory of founding daughter, Ollie Newton Black. Recipients are Austin area high school seniors who have been awarded the Chapter Good Citizen Award.

Environmental Awareness
Preservation of the environment is of particular interest to chapter members. Efforts are made to print chapter yearbooks and other handouts on recycled paper. The chapter routinely shares information on community recycling requirements.


How Can I Join the Chapter?

If you feel that you have an appropriate ancestor and can substantiate the lineage through approved documentation, please contact the chapter registrar for additional information. The chapter registrar can also assist you with transfer of your DAR membership into Balcones Chapter.

History of Balcones Chapter NSDAR  

In the patriotic enthusiasm prior to America’s Bicentennial, Balcones Chapter NSDAR was organized October 17, 1975. Presiding was Eugenia Cameron Adams (Mrs. Leland R.), Organizing Regent, with twenty-five organizing members signing the charter.

How the Chapter Got Its Name

The name “Balcones” was selected in honor of the chapter location in Texas. According to the National Bylaws of NSDAR, “chapters located in states admitted to the Union after 1825 may be named for territorial historical events, geographic sites or names of prominent early area pioneers.”  Central Texas, known as the beautiful Hill Country, is the geographic axis around which the state revolves and is dominated by the Edwards Plateau and the Balcones Escarpment.  In 1839, the site for the capitol of the Republic of Texas was selected at Waterloo, where the Colorado River cascades down the Balcones Escarpment and flows through the blackland prairie, heading to the Gulf of Mexico.  The legislature renamed the capitol of the republic “Austin” in 1840, and the city was reconfirmed as the capitol of the State of Texas in 1850.

The Balcones Escarpment with its “balcones” of limestone cliffs, created by geologic faults and water erosion, dominates the Austin landscape and provides scenic vistas for all to enjoy.  It also shares its name with us, Balcones Chapter of NSDAR.






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The DAR Insignia is the property of, and is copyrighted by, the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

The DAR Insignia is the property of, and is copyrighted by,
the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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